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Yunnan Yongsheng cadres donations continued: poverty alleviation is assessed contributions – Beijing back new network in November 2 Kunming Xinhua (reporter Ma Qian) Yongsheng County, Lijiang City, Yunnan Province Propaganda Department confirmed 2, according to the online exposure of Yongsheng county government issued a document "mandatory" county units cadres and workers contributions to poverty alleviation, leading cadres in the county has apologized conference, the ongoing donations returned to work, and that will be based on respect the wishes of the donor on helping poor villages and poor households. State level poverty-stricken counties in Yunnan Yongsheng County Office, Yongsheng County People’s Government Office recently formulated and issued a "Yongsheng county" bag for "units and the county cadres and workers to raise power of poverty alleviation plan". Plan, to speed up the county poverty alleviation process, actively mobilize the "bag" units and cadres and workers to boost financing of poverty alleviation. One is to set up financing standard 146 "bag to help" unit financing of 14 million 510 thousand yuan; two is the county cadres and workers to raise about 11 million 800 thousand yuan. Program shows, funding criteria: leaders of 5000 yuan, deputy level cadres 4000 yuan, Zheng Keji cadres 3000 yuan, Fu Keji cadres 2000 yuan, 1000 yuan of financing clerk. Career, work diligence, management personnel 3000 yuan by senior titles, intermediate title of $2000, other workers to raise funds of 1000 yuan. Yongsheng earlier in an interview with the media, said poverty relief donations are true. Local cadres and workers said: "the starting point is good, to help linked to poor villages and poor households, but the operation method is undeserved." Yunnan Yongsheng County Propaganda Department staff of 2, said in an interview with reporters, Yongsheng County on October 31st, held a special meeting of leading cadres, reported since October 14th Yongsheng county poverty alleviation work fund-raising activities. At the meeting, Yongsheng county magistrate Feng Zhong on behalf of the county Party committee, the county government on poverty alleviation and fund-raising activities of the existing problems and problems were reviewed, and the negative impact of the sincere apology. At present, poverty alleviation donations began to return to the unit. (end)相关的主题文章:

Former Israeli President Peres has been admitted to intensive care unit for stroke jiuyaogan

Former Israeli President Peres stroke admission in the ICU treatment – Beijing, Beijing, 14 September, according to Central News Agency reports, former Israeli President Peres says the 93 year old Peres 13 "serious stroke", currently in the ICU for treatment. Doctor Chris (Yitzhak Kreis) in Tel Aviv, near the hospital for treatment outside the hospital, told reporters that Peres, today, a severe stroke, a large amount of bleeding ". Chris said that in the intensive care unit, Peres was sedated and put on a respirator. Data figure: former Israeli Prime Minister Peres. His office said earlier that he was in a stable condition and he was fully conscious. He was receiving the necessary treatment, and later issued a statement saying the doctor decided to put him in an induced coma and rely on an artificial respirator. "The doctor of the former president, Peres, decided to give him a sedative and put him in a position to continue treatment," the statement said." The statement said that Peres will receive X ray computed tomography, in order to make full and updated assessment of his situation. Peres won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1994, he stepped down as president in 2014, but is still active in the public domain. Peres in January this year had two admissions for heart discomfort.相关的主题文章:

Hangzhou school canteen launched 2 yuan Mid Autumn Festival special fried moon cake

School canteen of Hangzhou launched 2 yuan mid autumn special fried tomatoes, moon cake original title: Hangzhou school canteen launched the "fried tomatoes, moon cakes" September 13th at noon, Hangzhou city Xiaoshan District second secondary occupation school canteen launched a 2 yuan a special meal: fried tomatoes, mid autumn moon cake. Less than 5 minutes, 180 students have been sold out. Mid Autumn Festival is coming, want to give students a new dish, raw materials must have moon cake. The day before, I tried to pepper cake, fried tomatoes, moon cake, moon cake fried melon, tomatoes fried cakes and finally found the sweet and sour taste the best." Canteen chef Zhu Jian 14, said. Zhu Jian said, in addition to their colleagues and try to eat, he had also go online to check with the moon cake together fried tomatoes will not have a problem, find someone with red bean paste moon cake fried tomatoes. Then, he let buyers bought 4 boxes of 240 cakes, each two boxes of Hami melon and strawberry. In the process of making, the chef cut each moon cake into two pieces, mixing the two flavors of moon cake. Each dish has 3 pieces of moon cake (1.5), limited to 180 copies, each purchase a copy. The cost of this dish is about 5 yuan, but only to sell $2, is to enliven the festive atmosphere. At first I thought that the number of people is not much, I did not expect all of a sudden sold out." Zhu Jian said. Editor: Sun Ailin SN146相关的主题文章:

During the G20 summit in Tongli for the people of Hangzhou launched six exclusive benefits – Travel tsumori chisato

During the G20 summit in Tongli for the people of Hangzhou launched six exclusive benefits — Travel Channel 1 premium travel packages website: where the network activity time: August 25th — September 8th activity price: 335 yuan package: Tongli town adult tickets 2 + fine classical Family Inn room for one night (between September 1st – 7, presented earlier Jiangnan features and listen to the Pingtan Nanyuan teahouse tea product experience oh) 2 heads you free delivery activities of Tongli tourism website: Tmall flagship store, the same way network, Ctrip, where to network activities, donkey mother travel travel site time: September 1st – September 7th: G20 activities during the summit, buy tickets in the Tongli town of Hangzhou network the public can with a Hangzhou identity card to Tongli town square retreat receive a gift of 3 Gordon Jun Tuisi Garden Night Garden half price promotions Time: September 1st – September 7 night garden opening hours: daily 18:45-20:30 activities: during the G20 summit, with a Hangzhou identity card to buy tickets to Tongli Tuisi Garden at night can enjoy half price concessions Tuisi Garden at night in Tongli "4" ink tickets at half price discount activity time: September 1st – September 7th (every time: 19:30-20:30 Monday, September 5th) stop stop activities: during the G20 summit, with a Hangzhou identity card to Tongli to buy tickets to Tongli "ink" discount "ink" large-scale performances in 500 years Tongli tea tea half price promotions: Nanyuan restaurant business activity time: September 1st — September 7th 9:00-18:00 activities: G20 summit Hangzhou, with identity cards to Tongli Nanyuan tea tea discount Nanyuan teahouse 6 Water Quality Inn business activities: gift value through Pavilion boutique Inns time: September 1st – September 7th: G20 activities during the summit, with a Hangzhou identity card in Tongli through Ge boutique Inn, can get Jiangnan characteristics as soon as possible and South Park teahouse listen to Pingtan products (tea experience to be scheduled in advance) Hangzhou to Tongli high-speed car traffic Raiders line Hangzhou departure: Sujiahang Expressway – Wujiang – Road – exit Yunlong Avenue – Pine Tong Jin Fen line – nine Wusong Road – Tongli road – a town north of the bus station entrance of Hangzhou — Tongli departure time: 7:45 11:25 13:00 15:50 (daily 4 bus fares ranging from 51-62 yuan) (source: local feeds commissioning editor: Zhao Peng, Qin Jing) (Intern)相关的主题文章:

Feelings of the world’s largest Miao settlements, Qianhu Miao Village Tourism – Sohu zhongguorentiyishu

Feelings of the world’s largest Miao settlements, Qianhu Miao Village Tourism – Sohu in the autumn of the year, invited to South TV "drunken beauty of Xijiang Miao Village micro photography contest" for free once again into the Xijiang river. The car quickly went out of the city, in the rugged mountain began winding, beautiful mountain scenery in the US have flash. Already in the bookman lofty mountains and steep hills painters was unveiled. In the bamboo house or the wooden house in the jungle, some stand beside the gurgling streams along the way. The rugged mountain road, we finally came to this village far from the city. A group dressed in costumes of the Miao people in a circle, now singing, now dancing. There is a ceremony presided over by the old man, in leading the transformation of dance formation. They are dressed in Miao clothes, wearing a beautiful silver, sing sing, swaying, moving slowly around the circle, is truly remarkable. Dressed in gorgeous girls holding a wine with horns, Lusheng playing light on tiptoe, warmly welcome every guest from afar. The car battery lead us along the winding mountain road and the gurgling brook, and soon came to a close in the depths of the mountains have Yourenruzhi folk customs strong village — Qianhu Miao village. As the name suggests, Qianhu Miao village with thousands of households. Guizhou terrain dominated by mountains, flat rare. It is crowded in the narrow area of Miao mountain, Hill layers, covered with houses on stilts. A long old lane and many alleys, people will Xijiang together. Perhaps, every piece of the alley was stepped on the glowing pebbles is a history. The Xijiang River is known as "seedling", known as "the Miao nationality culture and Art Museum", is a living fossil of the history and culture of Miao nationality "". Xijiang Miao village was built, Diaojiao floor layers, this was one of the fifth great migration of Miao gathered. Although most of the village people can easily be fluent in Chinese, but the Hmong folk customs, still, still live in a simple and natural life. It is difficult to imagine, in the modern traces everywhere today, but also feel the breath of life hundreds of years ago, this reverence for the national culture so I do not consciously admire the people here. Stand high and look, Xijiang Miao village more than 1 thousand and 200 households most built in multi degrees slope. The skilled craftsmen with wisdom in the hands of the Miaoling depths built a magnificent and majestic grand Pavilion of heaven. Every house wooden foundations with stones piled up, the slope is steep, the house is also higher. The stockade, two floor towards one side of the road often there will be a sudden on the bar, the locals call it "beauty" — a woman in the spare time can comfortably sitting in beauty, embroidery, chat, mountain breeze blow. From afar, opposite the two low hills, countless wooden layers, bathed in the setting sun, black roof suffused with gray light, red light boards staggered, white river winding through the village. Green trees, terraces, q相关的主题文章: